Information stored by Audiablo

Some information we store is collected automatically, while other information is entered by the user, at their discretion. While we store the information we are provided, we cannot always guarantee its accuracy or if it relates to a real person. For example, a user may have created a fake profile, or provided us with inaccurate information. We do not require the use of real names, email verification or identity authentication.

Public information
Most account information is public on Audiablo, which means that anyone can see it. A Audiablo profile may contain: a profile photo, a display name, uploaded tracks, playlists (i.e. a collection of tracks, organized by the user) etc.
Additionally, a user has the option to include their “real name”, location, URLs and a short description about their account in their “bio” section, just underneath their profile image. You do not need a Audiablo account in order to view information or content which is posted publicly.

Non-public information
Information not publicly visible, relating to registered users on our platform may include, but is not limited to:
Email address(es) associated with the account
IP address at the time of account creation
IP address of last access to Audiablo
Month and year of birth

Our guiding principles

We believe in respecting both our users’ rights and the laws which govern our company’s operations. When it comes to processing information requests related to our users, we follow the below principles.

We will comply with valid requests for user information received from law enforcement, in accordance with the terms outlined in this guide and the applicable legal process.
We are based in Berlin, Germany and will therefore process all disclosure requests pursuant to our Privacy Policy and the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

We require that all requests be related to specific accounts, implicated in specific investigations undertaken by law enforcement. We reserve the right to reject requests which are overly broad or which lack details regarding the relationship between the requested information and how it relates to an ongoing investigation.

User notice
We respect our users’ rights and privacy. Our policy is to notify users when we disclose their information in all cases, unless we are expressly requested to not disclose by the competent authority. Our notice to users will be in writing and will include a copy of the original document(s) requesting their information. Additionally, if the request relates to a user who is in violation of our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to prevent further abuse of our services, including notifying the user regarding their misconduct.

In exceptional circumstances, we may elect to not provide user notice e.g. in the case of an emergency disclosure request.

What is Audiablo?

Audiablo is an audio hosting service that allows users to create, post and share sounds anywhere on the web.

Content uploaded by users to our platform can be shared to third party services (e.g. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter) or embedded on an external website, using our embedded player.

Individuals can access our platform both on computers and via most Android and iPhone devices via our mobile app. You do not need to have an account to access content hosted on Audiablo.

In order to avail of our hosting services, individuals must have a registered account. We offer a variety of account types which provide different features, tools and services.

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